Ways your water is making you sick

We are all subject to disease from contaminated water, but some groups are more susceptible than others. Infants, young children, 
pregnant women, adults 65+, people undergoing chemotherapy, people with HIV, AIDS or other compromised immune response 
conditions are less able to screen out contaminants from their blood. Their blood volume is less than that of an adult, and contaminants 
can have a greater effect on them. Some of the commonly reported waterborne diseases are cancer, anemia, heart disease, liver, kidney
and intestinal damage. 

The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) was passed by Congress in 1974 and enforces drinking water standards by setting limits on levels

of harmful contaminants, such as lead and disinfectants. But "the Safe Water Drinking Act only tests for 91 chemicals," according to Dr.

But "the Safe Water Drinking Act only tests for 91 chemicals," according to Dr. Michael Schreiber, "so many go undetected and end up in

drinking water." Your pipes, faucets, or other equipment may also expose you to some chemicals that can negatively affect your health.

   You can get metal poisoing                

In mid and log term you can get sick by constantly consume of  metals like: arsenic, lead, iron, cadmium, mercury, copper and zinc which are in our water in small quantities. 

        Water contamination

Over 126,000 plants throughout the country that tested positive for groundwater pollution. Some of the worst offenders that are seeping into our supply include arsenic and lead, which can create a host of negative health effects.


Chromium is an odorless and tasteless metal so it can be hard to detect yourself. "Yellow water signifies the potential presence of chromium-6." This substance can lead to many strong diseases but the main one is cancer. 

     Children behavior change

Years ago it was believed that small amounts of lead in water were not harmful. But currently it's a fact that if you are constantly exposed to it, it can be the source to health effects, mostly on kids giving them symptoms like behavioral changes, learning problems, lower IQ, and even slower growth.

          Asbestos exposure 

Even the smallest exposure to asbestos is dangerous. If you're worried about your pipes, you can have your home re piped also they suggest that you install a filtration system with a filter that is one micron or less. This will filter out asbestos fibers from your home's tap water.

      Neurological damage 

Fluoride has been added to public water supplies for decades in order to prevent tooth decay. However, recent research strongly suggests that water contaminated with fluoride is linked to neurological, immune, and gastrointestinal damage.