What's in your tap water?

You use it to brew your coffee, make your kid's mac & cheese and even to brush your teeth before you go to sleep. You assume your tap water is perfectly healthy because…aren't there regulations for that?

According to the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency), tap water can be contaminated with various types of toxic waste that may make it unsafe regardless of the process that takes place in the United States to be able to drink tap water. We need to be aware of the toxic residues that are not eliminated like: 

Bacteria and parasites


E. coli, and Giardia are three harmful organisms that can leak into drinking water through sewage.


Both human-made and natural chemicals can make their way into drinking water. Pesticides, bleach, and bacterial toxins are some of the potential things that can have harmful health effects. 

Other chemicals like bisphenol-A and pharmaceuticals are detected in groundwater sources.

Radioactive elements

Radioactive elements chemicals like uranium, cesium, plutonium are detected in drinking water. These elements can emit ionizing radiation that can harm cells in your body and raise your risk of developing cancer.

Heavy metals

Heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, or leadcan enter your water supply through plumbing and service lines as well as through natural mineral deposits. The EPA says that people who consume a lot of these minerals may develop sudden or long-term toxicity that’s linked to serious diseases. 

Your family is precious
​give them safe and clean drinking water. 

We are compromised to look out for your health and inform you about the quality of water in our country