Pure Water For All

Rotary Districts 7300 and 7280, Western Pennsylvania, USA



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Rotary's Pure Water for All is an international service project initiated by the Forest Hills Rotary Club (Pa., USA,) and now admisistrated by District 7300 and District 7280 of Western Pennsylvania, plus its partners.  The goal is to provide extremely pure potable water for families in lesser developed areas and for locations where the regular water sources have been polluted by disaster.  The process involves simple ceramic technology that delivers sufficient
quantities of pure, disease free water for a family for less than three pennies a day.

Rotary’s call to action

Rotary International has proclaimed water purification to be the key challenge of the coming decade.  To meet minimum world health goals, 125,000 people a day for the next 13 years will need to have access to safe water. Each year, 1.8 million people (90% of them children under 5 years old) die from preventable diarrheal diseases. Rotary has asked every club to identify a project associated with providing safe water in some part of the world.

Our solution

Our club and partner clubs in District 7300 and District 7280 are promoting a low cost water filtration system that was developed by a group of ceramics professionals who wanted to find a way to contribute to world health through clay technology. 

The result of their effort is a remarkable water filter design that:

-Can be produced virtually anywhere in the world from commonly available materials.

-Requires no expensive fuel to fire the clay.

-Requires no chemicals nor energy for household use.

-Costs less than 1/100 of a cent per liter of water to use.

-Has proven to be over 99% effective in eliminating water borne bacteria (in testing by MIT, Tulane, Cambridge, Pitt and U. of Colorado). This is better than the purity of most US municipal drinking water.

-Does not depend on governments or municipal systems.

-Is particularly effective as a micro business model to encourage stability in production and growth and increased employment.

-Can be monitored effectively by in-country Rotarians and NGOs.

-Empowers poor families by giving them control of their own water purity.

-Can meet the water needs of the estimated 40% of global families for whom other water purification methods cannot be practically implemented.

Our goal is to assist in production and distribution of the ceramic filter world-wide and to help other areas
with filtered and clean water through wells and distribution systems.

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